All New Everything's been awhile.    Hi there!

Looking back as to why I haven't posted here in a hot minute, I think I needed a little while to privately process all of the "new" that's been part of my life over the last few months.  Now, I want to share a good bit of it in one fell swoop!   Pretty much feast or famine around here.    

New Blog Look

First up, a blog refresh.  I wasn't happy with the look and feel of my site, so I didn't find myself using it as much as I wanted to.   So in late 2014, I started messing around with my blog design when I had a few minutes to spare, decided to go with a new platform (SquareSpace) and finally have reached a point where I felt like releasing the new look into the wild. 

  Go forth into the world, little blog!

Go forth into the world, little blog!

I am liking the new platform a lot, but still learning how to manage it and add content.  I love the gallery of pictures that comes up on the mainsite (click "home" if you came straight from the link to this post if you'd like to see it).  But if you see navigation or other problems (still working out some kinks here and there; obviously learning as I go in this brave new world of blogging and design), do let me know.   

New City, State and Job!

In the spring of 2014, Cody the Hubs got an incredible job opportunity in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.   No, it's not too far from our home state of Alabama, but with my job and all of our family and friends there, it wasn't the easiest decision to make.   My law firm has offices in several cities, though, and had a need for a lawyer in our DFW office.  Eventually, this made my transition relatively easy.   But when the opportunity first came up, I struggled.   My mind was wrapped around a really big case that I had been working on with some incredible colleagues since June of 2010 (oh yes, that's four years...believe me when I tell you that the wheels of justice often move slooooooowwwwwly, 'specially in AL) set to go to trial before the end of the year, so I couldn't make the move west when Cody needed to.  

We made the tough call for him to take the new job, and me to follow when I could.    We found a small studio apartment in the Irving/Las Colinas area and moved Cody (with minimal "stuff") out to Texas at the end of April, but he took some important cargo with him....our two cats!  In the meantime, I stayed behind, prepared our home in Auburn to go on the market and kept watch in Alabama with our Labradoodle, Coco Chanel.    

Our house in Auburn sold fairly quickly, so we put the majority of our furniture/belongings in storage.  I basically lived out of a suitcase/my car/with friends/at my my family's place in Orange Beach while I threw myself into work in our firm's Mobile, AL office.  I visited TX when I could (like the 4th of July!) and Cody came to see me, but for two people who like each other a whole lot, May through November 2014 was pretty miserable.   My friends who have had a loved one have had it much worse, by far...but it was rough for us.

And, with the focus on work and all that came with it, the second half of the year was definitely quieter on the racing/long run front.   Instead, I put my head down and just worked on building a strong base for 2015.  When the schedule allowed, I got some quality training in with my girl Lindsay on the "Silverhill Track" near her house, where she let me crash pretty regularly.   We also did some of the very effective Strength Training for Runners ("STfR") workouts together, some spinning and a few yoga classes/workouts.   Linds and her hubs were pretty key to my sanity and having some sense of stability in these months without Cody, and I'll never forget their kindness.  


The big case went to trial the first Monday in November.   I was very happy with the result and felt like I made the right decision to see it through to the end (Thank goodness, right?  A big fat loss and unhappy client would have probably not made me look back on my decision very fondly.)   

I had a couple of days back in the office with my beloved colleagues in the Mobile office (they are the coolest), and Cody flew home to spend Thanksgiving with me.  Right after the turkey had been eaten with our families (and I mean RIGHT after), Cody and I packed what belongings of mine could fit in my car to ride along with us and our sweet pup, and drove west.   Super happy to be back together again...

   Alabama and Dallas mugs!    Thank you, SBUX.

Alabama and Dallas mugs!    Thank you, SBUX.

And since a rolling stone gathers no moss, I just rolled right into town that weekend and started work -- you guessed it -- on Monday, December 1.    Trying to be a damn boss....

Yeah, that was fun.  If I had to do it all over again, it might have been a good idea to have taken a couple days to settle down in my new home and state first.  

Three months in now, things are starting to fall into a manageable groove.  Looking back, I suspect that the stress didn't so much come from the new job, meeting my new colleagues and clients and getting my Texas law license, but from the bumps in the road with our living situation. That's a whole 'nother post though, coming soon.  

New Race Goal

Luckily, I did manage to keep up with running on a somewhat regular basis in December, and once the new year rolled around, the Hubs and I joined up with the Dallas Running Club to kick off their Winter/Spring training program.    While Cody is getting ready to run his first half marathon and has primarily trained with that group, January and February have been dedicated to some slow, steady and higher-mileage running to get my body ready to handle my first marathon.  I've done the majority of my Saturday long runs with the DRC group, and some of the Tuesday night workouts when I could leave work to make it to the run on time.    Not always successful at that....

I'm feeling pretty good so far, and training has gone well.   I still consider myself very much at the beginning of a running journey, and certainly didn't come into this training cycle as a fast runner. But, I really think that the base mileage/workouts, STfR workouts, cross training and core/yoga work in the second half of 2015 really helped me come into it stronger than I otherwise would have.   So better from one year to the next, for sure!  That's the idea....

My goal race is April 4, the GE Irving Marathon.   It's a smaller race than some of the more well-known local ones like Rock 'n Roll (where I'll be doing the half, just adding on some miles before the gun get my long run in that weekend), but has a reputation for being really well administered.  When I originally chose it and registered last year, I thought I would be able to roll out of bed from the little studio apartment in Las Colinas and walk to the starting line.   That's not how it actually is going to work out on race day now as things have developed with our living situation, but it's still not far of a drive and I'll be able to sleep in my own bed the night before. I think that does a lot to cut down on "first race" anxiety.

That's enough "new" for now...but more to come, including our home remodel "marathon" and all the fun that comes with that process.