Oiselle #DFWVolée Meetup at the Dallas Running Club Independence 5K/10K

What a FUN way to kick off the July 4th holiday weekend!   Cody and I had a great time at the Dallas Running Club Independence 5K/10K joining other team members of the Oiselle Volée team, plus #BroBirds, friends and even a racing-in-utero baby!  Here is our greater Texas team page...and we are the #DFWVolée!  (Many more in the local group were traveling this weekend...can't wait to see you soon!)   Head up wings out!!

If you are wondering what Oiselle is all about, here's some background as to our team's manifesto and the story behind it. Speed/pace isn't a concern with this crew...we're a group of inclusive and enthusiastic women who support every member of our team.  That being said, we are VERY proud and excited when our women do well...and we had multiple overall awards in the races!

As for this race -- make no bones about it, racing in Texas in July is quite a feat in itself, especially when the race starts at 8 AM.   I saw on Strava that a guy I follow who also ran the race titled his data file "Satan's 10K"...lol, not far off the mark there, buddy!  

 Mild winters are a nice trade-off...but still.  

Mild winters are a nice trade-off...but still.  

Cody ran the 5K as a rust buster and working to get back into running after surgery.   As nice as that distance admittedly sounded, I needed to get more miles in so I ran the 10K.  Since many in our "Volée and friends" group are already in marathon training mode and needed long run mileage, a few of us met up for some early warm-up miles.    So at the end of the day after w/u and c/d, I had 12 miles total for the day, not bad for a cutback week about 3 months out from my race.  

 Feeling the heat on the final stretch...and the ladies walking the 5K felt me FOR SURE as I sweatily jostled by them.  (Thanks for the pics, Val!) 

Feeling the heat on the final stretch...and the ladies walking the 5K felt me FOR SURE as I sweatily jostled by them.  (Thanks for the pics, Val!) 

Congrats to Katlyn and Shantel for their awesome performances in the 5K...Katlyn took 2nd overall woman and Shantel + baby placed 2nd in the Athena category!

And super excited that my own tempo-ish effort was enough for 1st place in my age group in the 10K.   Smiling big with superstar Amy, who took home 3rd overall 10K woman.  

After the race was over, we headed over to Taco Joint for awesome breakfast tacos, enchiladas and for some (including but not limited to yours truly)....mimosas, beers and bloody marys!   

 At TJ with my new #DFWVolée friend  Veda !  

At TJ with my new #DFWVolée friend Veda!  

After we left Taco Joint, I still had some cool down miles to do to finish off my day, and when I walked in the door, saw that my new HOLEPUNCH DISTANCE SHORTS (yay!!!) arrived while we were at the race.   I did not even make it upstairs; tried on the shorts and had to take them (and Coco) out for a spin.   Verdict:   super light, felt like wearing nothing at all and surprisingly, the material didn't stick to my sweaty legs.   Loved them!! 

 Coco on the trail...

Coco on the trail...

BONUS:  when I ordered my Holepunch distance shorts, all orders came with a free mesh cap, which is perfect for summer runs!   So lightweight and I love the design.   

Probably my favorite postcard I've gotten in a Oiselle order yet...and perfect to receive on the day that I met up with my team.  All love indeed!   

Here's our entire album in a Flickr gallery...so you can click through the arrows if you just want to see, or click the picture itself to go to a link where you can easily download any individual ones you want!  

#DFWVolée Meetup at 2016 DRC Independence 5K/10K