Oiselle Takes Boston for 2016 BAA 5K/Marathon Weekend!

What a weekend.   This is the first major marathon on the worlds circuit I've had an opportunity to spectate and cheer, and an experience I'll never forget.   And it was an extra bonus to run the flat, fast 5K on Saturday with my Oiselle Volée teammates, have a shakeout run with the marathon runners on Sunday and enjoy dinner with my team on marathon eve. 

Boston is a special, magical place on marathon weekend and I am grateful for the chance to have been there with Oiselle and some incredible friends and teammates, especially my amazing hostess Rebecca and my loyal partner-in-crime Courtney.  

Head up, wings out always!!

Here's my album from the BAA 5K and Expo (click on pic below to access the full album):

2016 BAA 5K, Expo and Sat Night Dinner

Check out the album below for our Sunday morning shakeout run, coffee and breakfast:

Boston Marathon Eve Oiselle Shakeout Run and Coffee

And here's the album for the marathon eve team dinner at Rebecca Trax's house!

Boston Marathon Eve 2016 Bird Dinner at Trax's

And now for the main event!   On a warmer than expected day, I joined my loud and proud Oiselle Volèe teammates to scope out a prime spot near key spectator fuel (caffeine - Starbucks; ice cream - J.P. Licks) to cheer on tens of thousands of Boston 2016 marathoners immediately before they hit the halfway point timing mat.  We whooped words of encouragement as the handcycle athletes wheeled through, were momentarily silenced by the speed of the elite women and men as they blew past us...but then we took it to another LEVEL when our birds began flying in.  They let us know they were happy to see us too!

Click on group pic below for the full album, but I pulled out some of my favorites to share below it!

Oiselle Cowbell Corner

Some teammates gave us a quick smile and fist pump and kept on their way, while others changed course and crossed the road to offer up a delighted high or side five.   There were even some quick, sweaty hugs exchanged and shoulders to cry on when needed...but we all doubled over in laughter when one of our birds turned the camera around on US!