A Picky Delivery!

Not a sponsored post - I'm way too new to blogging for that - I just love these things :) Since I have gained so much knowledge from other bloggers as to fuel and apparel, I thought I would do a few posts as to what's working for me. Here's the first in that series....

Ever since I received and tried out the sample Picky Bar in my Stride Box (can't remember if it was the Feb or March box), I knew I had to get more of them. I am a breakfast eater (people who say that they forgot to eat always amaze me), but still don't like to have a lot in my stomach weighing me down before a run or workout. To complicate matters, to keep on track with my half marathon training plan, I have had to get some early morning runs in due to work/life scheduling that were longer than the typical 3-4 miles that I can usually stomach on an empty belly. Enter the Picky Bar.

From the site


I found a good deal for recurring monthly delivery right to my front door, and I got a t-shirt too! My favorite flavor is Smooth Caffeinator (hello chocolate *and* hazelnut), and Cody the Hubs has an affinity for All-In Almond. They let you pick the number of bars of each flavor you get in each shipment, so we've decided next month to just split our monthly total between these two flavors.

So now, one of my favorite days of the month are when the Picky Bars come to the door!