Fun on the Athletic Republic "Super Treadmill" with Coach Lesley

Athletic Republic Super Treadmill

Today was a morning workout with Coach Lesley.   Lesley and I started working together a few months ago in the dead of winter  -- pretty effective for beating the winter blahs!   She's a certified trainer who uses the Athletic Republic protocols and equipment, including what they refer to as a "Super Treadmill"

More information here:  (

Generally, I am not a treadmill lover, but this is clearly not-your-average gym equipment.  A 3.5 incline here does not feel equal to the same when you are in the row of standard treadmills, and it only gets worse from there. :)  That being said, I definitely think it has helped me make both strength and cardio gains.


After a warm-up and active stretches, I did a pyramid workout with increasing incline and constant pace

Followed by some quick accelerations


Hope everyone has an awesome Friday.   I'm going to a "Yin and Wine" workshop tonight at Yogafly Auburn (, an event that could not be MORE right up my alley.  1.5 hours of slow yin yoga, followed by 30 minutes of wine tasting! I'll try not to overindulge there or afterwards if we go out; got the 11 Miler on the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon Plan on the schedule for tomorrow.